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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. you are watching denver seven at 11:00 a.m. a major announcement just in for the broncos. we now know who is going to start as q.b. in the playoffs >> eporter: plus a winter weather advice are will going into effect. >> reporter: it's going to be a big event. first, we want to talk about the broncos because they
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>> apparently they have bucked -- out of the saddle. >> head coach gary kubiak met with manning and -- he brought them back to beat the chargers, it was manning's first game he saw action against the kansas city game. coming up at 11:45 this morning, coach kubiak is expected to have a press conferenne. the weather advisory has already been announce. this is at colfax and park avenue. >> reporter: we are going to pick up potentially an inch to an inch and a half. some neighborhoods on the east
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alreaay seeing snow sticking to the ground. and our snow totals could be pretty impressive. the stock show parade that we talked about this morning. so light snow for it. a live look at radar you can see where some of the active whether is where we have some slightly heavier snow up along 225 and e-470. some of those neighborhoods you are seeing it coming down. farther south as you head along i-25 we have picked up some pretty decent snow in the past six to eight hours. we are going to get another surge of snow coming in tonight and tomorrow. light snow will continue off and on today. mid to upper 30s and then we'll drop overnight into the 20s with some teens.
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we're going to talk about thaa coming up. the stockkshow parade is today. it begins in less than an hour right in downtown denver. we will fill you in with all the road closures. but first, eric, the stock show spirit filled alive and well out there? >> reporter: it is and the snow may be coming down a % little bit, but that's not going to stop anybody. it goes down to you know union station. >> we are just like to post office. we perform in every type of weather. >> reporter: what can people expect for the parade? >> tte parade is going to have to most entries ever. i think we have over 70 entries.
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livestock and traditionally we lead in with the long horns and they're going to lead you in this year. >> reporter: and it's always a greattevent. what's new this year? >> it's looking opening weekend. we have a ranch rodeo at 5:30 tilt first time in history we have done one of those. colorado versus the world. sunday hispanic heritage day, two great mexican rodeo extravaganzas and there's something for everyone. >> reporter: we have some cowgirls hanging out. >> they are just a great group of young women that celebrate the western heritage that we are so proud of. >> reporter: i know it going to be a busy several days for you. good luck with the parade
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>> reporter: there you go it's a little chilly, but just bundle up. >> it is a good time, the kids love it. they really love to see this when you go down there, this is what they see, all those long horns from union station all the way down to broad away. broadway. >> reporter: down 17th and broadway will be closed. when the parade is going you 17th. rtd buses and the light rail will also be affected. everything should be open around 2:00. you can get all the details on the denver well, the bad news, you didn't win the jackpot, the good news, nobody hit all the numbers either. one person did hit $50,000 in colorado.
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the largest in u.s. history. sally bought tickets yesterday. are you doing it again today? >> reporter: no, not today. i'm stoppinn the habit. everybody wants a piece of. people are lining up to buy the power ball tickets. surprisingly it has been slow today. yesterday they sold about 583 power ball tickets. todayy just 39. a lot of people like me not feeling it too much, but despite that we caught up with some people. >> reporter: what do you think about it being 700 million? drawing, huh? >> reporter: what are you money? >> what would i do?
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>> reporter: that's always a good option. now, they will annoonce the winning numbers tomorrow on saturday which is what the store clerk is expecting a lot of people to come in. but it is announced tomorrow night at 9:00. best of luck. >> can't wait still saturday. other breaking news. %- out of paris this morning on the anniversary of the charlie hebdo terror attacks, this man was shot in the head by police. the man yelled allah akbar. vest. police are now investigating the incident as a potential act of terrorism. now to upstate new york, lancing. these guys. they were starting heir shift
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elevator. amazingly nobody was hurt. more than 60 police officers were killed. 200 others were injured. focusing on that area in libba, it comes at a time when hospitals across that countrr are sufficienting from zero shortages in medical supplies. in adams county county, five or six houses on east 85th place are still blocked off. police were talk to go neighbors -- talking to neighbors. there's no word on the suspect or the condition of the victim. this is from air tracker seven. it started yesterday afternoon
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the first suspect anthony edward scott. he has outstanding warrants for probation violations. the second suspect, he had warrants for kidnapping felony and assault. the police later broke down the doors and found him in the basement. >> just learned that the man police are looking for in connection to a kidnapping in longmont last night has been arrested in alabama. that's thomas fletchler, he's in custody. this is just coming in from longmont police. this just started minutes ago. as we earn more from the police we will share it on our denver seven website the denver the teenager he is accused of kidnapping is safe.
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weber, who was previously %- convicted of felony assault and busted in an online sex sting. questioning why he was out on the streets in if first place. a judge sentenced weber to work release in december just one he left for an appointment and he never came back. why give somebbdy work release whose oing to put their feet on the pavement and leave instead of taking responsibility for his actions? >> a spokesperson says they sent a fugitive team looking for webber. and he is part of the nation right now top brass in the
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details about how it will handle open records questions from the body cameras. lawmakers will meet about recommendations on policies. there's a news conference that's going to happen tomorrow. we'll have it for you live that starts around 11:00 a.m. a major retailer is cutting thousands of jobs `cross the country.
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bad news for macy's stores. they are blaming layoffs on bad the macy's in colorado will stay open, but others will be closing their doors. you may remember a company is linked to 10 cases of dis- tier i can't including three people who died. since then the company shut down its stores and retrained its staff in the chipotle stores. valuables are left behind and maybe cash, utility
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>> maybe accounts that were inactive or closed. to see if the state has money for you, go to denver you might find your name on the list. rejecting new plans for oil and gas wells, according too our partners at the greeley tribune the plan was to build a 14-acrr facility surrounded by nine existing wellsites. the company has two weeks to appeal that decision. is it a hand mark or a safety -- landmark or a -- safety concern? there at fort collins, the silos have been designated as lands marks.
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seating area using portions of the silos, but the historic preservation is saying different. >> woodwoodward would build up a -- >> woodward is appealing that. meanwhhle the city of fort collins is considering a rule to change -- to streamline the whole process. it goes before the landmark preservation commission next wednesday. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. >> reporter: and it is very hit or miss. we have some light snow falling right now for the stock show parade. % but some places an inch and and a half of snow. so we have a band of snow right decent snow out east along i- 70, but closer to pena %-
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snow. e-470. but here in denver, he western edde of this, the snow is pretty light. getting down along i-25 and east of there, you are going to find near parker, a little bit of snow coming down. hit or miss here in denver. a winter weathhr advisory going into effect from 5:00 until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon you are going to see this advisory in effect. so we could get a decent amount of snow. here s a look of our totals from winter storm warnings down % south. down to southwestern colorado, in just a second. we have a press conference with the broncos, i believe, is that correct, you guys? >> i feel really good about this. i feel good about how far peyton has come, where he's at physically, mentally, i could see it happen throughout the course of the last two weeks,
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to get going and our football team is excited as a team with the challenges we have ahead. >> you know, we have a bunch of guys, i don't have to reveal injury reports today so i'm not going to do that. we have a lot of guys nicked up. some of them are offense before last week and then some of them have a few things going on, but he was not part of practice today, maybeesaturday we'll see, just trying to get everybody i can as fresh as possible as we head into next week. [indiscernible] >> i don't have to talk about injuries so i'm not going to do that, okay. [indiscernible] a hundred percent the rest of the season. how confident are you that that foot -- >> everything i've been told is
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rest, but what i saw him work, practiie and watch him go about his business the last two weeks, the way he's throwing the ball, moving around, so i don't have any doubt, he doesn't have any oubt, that's a good thing where we're at. he's going to need eventually for it to he'll 100% is going to take the rest of the season. first off i got a lot of confidence in michael. we're younggup front. that hasn't changed. we have 31-year players playing for us. tyler came in and played well and it's just another example of the way we probably will proceed. i expect them both to contribute. >> reporter: coach, you were pretty hard sayinggyou saw the signs that it wasn't right for peyton..
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different level of, hey, this isn't working out? >> i don't think thht way. we're positive with everybody we have got to play. it takes great effort to win the national football league period, but everything gets ramped up in the playoff, it won't be about one player for successful. well. >> reporter: who was involved in the decision, coach? did you talk to some of your captains? >> i have to make the decisions but i have a lot of reat people around me. anything i do in this business, any position, i've got a lot of people that i trust in and pull from and listen to, but ultimately i have to go make a decision that's best for the football team and for me personally, you know, talkinn to john ellay, he's been in every football game and highs and lows that you can be in
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guy for me to sit down and have a conversation with every day, through all situations. >> reporter: how much of it was peyton has obviously so much more experience playoffs over brock? >> that's obvious, but i think it's about what i've seen physically and what i've een in him the last few weeks and me watching him practice today i feel so good because i know exactly where he's at, so all those things arr obviously big %- games, playoffs we understand that, but it's been the best place physically he's been in. >> reporter: did you feel it was important to do it this week? >> the one thing we've done with our team throughout this particular situation, we've always walked in there and said hey, here is where we are at, so to me, we're back to work today. i gave him the front of the week off. i wanted them around football this weekend.
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to me, we started our process today. >> reporter: was there any discussion about brock is a free agent after this year? we would like to have him back? >> oh, we think the world of brock, he's done a hell of a job, he's played extremely well in some tough situations. he's a very tough kid, so you know, i think i said this last week, he knows exactly what we think of him, and very proud of him. i know he will be ready to go. >> reporter: that you have scouting all of the teams in the playoffs, or do you start with a blank slate on monday? >> we know the teams that we can play obviously going into the first week, so that's where our focus is right now. we are cutting up days by each team ann see what happens on sattrday and then all of our
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even though we're off, we play the last game the following week, so we will have a good full week of preparation, actually an extra day. but we're way ahead. >> reporter: how do you avoid your quarterback lloking over his shouuder? >> i don't want them everrto do that and that's my conversation with any of them. like i said, this is what i feel is best for the football team. the football temenos that our quarterbacks know exactly how feel. -- our football team knows that. >> being the starter talk to go him, through situations, talking through this situation, i have great conversations with him since the minute the game was over sunday. he and i spent time in the locker room sunday. he's been in the training room
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we visiteddthis morning, so my relationship and he knowing exactly why we're doing things, where we're going doinggthings, together. he's a very competitive guy and players. >> reporter: how did he take the decision when you told him? >> i can't speak for any player. all of them want to play. and i promise you he will be ready to play. i'll let him answer that. he's been great for me, awesome for this football team and this team knows they can count on him and will be ready to go. `> reporter: he really -- energized the team, what was the feeling? >> i think they all know we have a job to do and they -- when we walk out of the room we're all on the same page going in one direction, so i would say they're very professional any time we have to make decisions or things of
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here these past few days or today i should say, so they're 3 all business, back to work today and the guys will be concentrating on getting health. what we are doing and we will just continue our process and stay positive and get ready to go. >> reporter: obviously peyton came out healthy enough, but how was he -- >> you mean how was he physically? >> yeah. >> other than taking a particular shot in the chest, i think he was fine. but that's a step forward getting hit. getting the soreness out, but i know hh was in here in the training room monday himsslf,. >> reporter: a lot of people said that you would hold out as long as possible -- >> i'm not worried about that. i'm worried about my team.
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i know what i'm doing, we know we have to play extremely well, a lot better than we played the other day, but that's the wayy it is this time of year. >> reporter: this is the first time that peyton has been through this situation of being a backup or even missing games and returning to the lineup, do you sense any difference in him as far as motivation or anything? >> i think peyton is always motivated to be at his best. to me it's always been about the physical nature of where he was, what we went through andd now where we are, so that's what it's beee about for me as far as his competitive drive to be successful and push a football team. you know, to the ultimate test. you know, that's something i've seen every day from him. >> reporter: the coach now that you have had two quarterbacks on -- you know, i have confidence in our team. that's what i have confidence in. i obviously think the world of
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have a lot of confidence in the players because of what we've been through, found a way to win games, it's battle tested, samy confidence comes from the whole team. i worry about the best team and i thought today was the best day to get to work. >> reporter: a lot of playoff contenders this year needed two quarterbacks this year -- >> yep. >> -- do you think that's -- >> i saw sorry where pittsburgh wasn't starting two quarterbacks -- these guys take some shots, get hit, you look at the wear and tear physicaaly, it is a challenge, it's a physical challenge and that's what feel so good
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way to come back neet week and be successful and coach through situations and get through situations to where we are today. >> reporter: announced tonight, give some thoughts on t.d.? >> yeah, i mean don't answer the question, is that what that means? >> reporter: but these guys have beee around a lot -- >> i obviously played with steve, so i go way back with steve, but t.d.2 tremendous coaches, two eve -- even i'm excited hopefully those type of things happen. >> reporter: thhnk you, coach. >> thank you. that is coach kubiak with the decision a lot of people 3 have been talk about often people in colorado.
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it's going to be peyttn manning % over brock osweiler. >> were you surprised he announced it? >> i think it probably takes a little pressure off of him. the offense now knowsswhat they'll be doing and all the questions stop so now they can focus on what's going on. it's a pretty good situation to be in to have peyton manning and brock osweiler. plenty of coaches would love to be in their shoes. >> so there we go, paymenten manning starting -- peyton manning starting. >> the game is coming up sunday, the 17th.
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welcome back, tracking the weather. we had some light snow falling in denver and as you can see, it has now stopped. there are some bands of decent snow just on the eastern and south eastern edge bringing
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we're expecting more accumulating snow in and around denver the foothills, the mountains, through tomorrow, even through early afternoon tomorrow. here is what it looks like on futurecast. futurecast doesn't look as impressive as this could be. we are looking at a decent storm. this is just the first surge moving through. another one tonight an early tomorrow morning. it could bring some up flows. we have a pretty active pattern that will continue later friday, early saturday. palmer divide our southern foothills could pick up a bit more. potentially closer to denver about two to six.
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numbers if we get that up slope. upwards of a foot in some spots by late friday, early saturday. the temperatures are the other talker. it's gotten a lot colder. we started off with 40s, now we're talking mid 30s. a chilly afternoon, mid to low 30s today and we'll stay even colder as we go through the weekend. snow today and tomorrow, now, today's snow pretty light. we could see just enough tonight to mess with our commute tonight this evening. i think tomorrow morning's commute is going to be the toughest one. and ccrey, we were just going through some of the models, we were like, oo, ahh, t gets tricky, if it moves in this way, we're going to get some pretty tricky spots. right when it skirts the southern edge of the state we
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>> sometimes people want exact answers from you guys, but these storms in colorado change all the time. >> eporter: i tell you what, it's going to snow. >> it's the inexact science of weather. >> all right. several long horn steers are about to take over the stteets in downtown denver. the stock show parade is today.
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denver 7 news startssright now. 11:37. we're a little behind today because of all the top stories anddalso we heard from coach gary kubiak live. if you were joining us at the top of this live broadcast, he is saying peyton manning will start in the playoffs. brock osweiler says it best for the team. both quarterbacks took the news just fine. the rumors have been swirling, who is it going to be? well, now we know. peyton manning brought them back last week. >> so, there you go, peyton manning is the guy. an update on the-story we told you earlier. police have arrested thomas
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alabama, the 16-year-old girl who is accused of taking is safe. you can read more about how it's developed and unfolded on the denver and the denver news app. a man open fire in their neighborhood. we want to warn you this video may be a little too graphic at times for some. [shots fired] you heard several shots. thh suspect is seen coming out the door painting the gun straight at the officers. neighbors were visibly shaken up. >> it's scary. i had a six-month-old grandson
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>> police received hone calls about random shots and there were reports that they were yelling out obama, obama. police have yet to confirm that. a popular parade starts today. >> at noon. an it has a lot to offer the next couple of weeks? >> reporter: yes, it's the first time evee an actual rodeo the first opening night. there's also going to be a nursery for ids to see newborns with their mothers and right noo i'm with howdy right now. i know i could probably hop on aabull and do some pbr action, how do you think i would do?
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i would be severely injured? >> reporter: that's depressing. let's talk to the president and ceo about the impact. >> we believe it will be several hundred thoussnd in economic impact. we have 42 states represented and 35 countries. >> reporter:: do you think there's anything i could do attorney letcally with the radio this year? -- athletically with the radio this year? >> this issjust disappointing. >> you could try the mechanical bulls. >> eporter: that's true. >> you're just a touch too big for the muttonbutton.
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street completely closed down all the way down broadway. it will be closed officially at noon. it's really the cross traffic that's going to be affected specially as the parade roles all the way downtown. affected. it should be cleaned up all arrund 2:00. >> all the goodies that come with that. >> the familiar office buildings come together each year to help those less fortunate. >> we'll introduce you to the woman who bringings it all together. and also why a little girl wants a major toy company to change their style. >> reporter: we need some snow.
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welcome back, many of the major office buildings have made sky high help to help with the less fortunate. >> reporter: when you have collected more than 25,000 gifts for christmas, you're going to need a lot of boxes. and a lot of volunteers. >> this is actually the 20th
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>> the denver boma toy drive is the builders owners management association. so she's volunteers represent or work in some of the more familiar landmarks. and they collect toys for those in need each holiday. >> we have probably 120, 130 >> reporter: sandraahas helped organize the toy drive for the past nine years. >> we have two main charities we service. that's denver's children home and mount saint vincent. we service also about nine other charities. the list goes on. >> reporter: so sorting all these toys. >> somewhere in there there's a bag with two small stuffed animals -- that they have gift cards?
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>> reporter: she says this is what makes her christmas bright; helping others. works hard, i will do that. >> we have look here, a plaque with your name on it. the independent agenns of colorado, we want to honor you as a seven every day hero. congratulations. >> thank you. >> if you would like to nominate a hero in yyur life go the denver they just reported that dia is already de-icing planes. >> reporter: you have a chance for snow friiay and sattrday. our friday morning commute is what i'm a little neves nervous about.
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and it's going to get heavy in spots. looking east and a little bit of sunshine trying to poke through. but a big band of snow bringing snow in spots like aurora, you can see right along e-470 and stretching out on i-70 as you get closer to bennet. dry in limon. within the next couple of hours that does break up a bit, but by about 44:30 p.m. we could get more snow which could bring some icier, wet spots through the evening. if things continue to track like they are, we are going to find some pretty heavy pockets of snow tomorrow morning and throughout the day on friday, so keep that mind. mike nelson is already here
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we have potentially two to 6 inches of snow in and around denver. the southern foothills, we could be around the three to 7- inch range. one to 3 inches up north and east. we'll keep an eye and adjust them if need be. 20s into the weekend. could get a light flurry or two come sunday. things are still cold next week, right around 40, but thatts at the very, vvry far end of the forecast. i tried to bring it back but i had to put the bright spot on wednesday. >> bright spot july 12th. we need the snow, we need the snow. >> thanks.
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welcome back, this story will put a smile on your face. a couple thank their lucky stars after losing their rent money. we're talking $1,600.
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parking lot. he had a chance to meet the couple who gave him very big thank yous. >> i was freaking out. i just assumed i threw in the trash. thank you so much. >> i got to thinking about it and i can't imagine how someone must feel. >> she says sheedoesn't typically pay by checks, but she is going to start. > a little girl is asking the american giil company to help out by makkng a doll that has scars. >> they don't have to be afraid or anything withhtheir scar and kids won't be so mean and if
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they can look atttheir doll's scars and feel like they're awesome, they're brave and cool. >> she was born withhonly half a heart and has already had three major surgeries. and last week american girl came out with a doll hat has a diabetic kit. - >> she's making a change already. >> reporter: it's a chilly day and it's going to get colder. one of the warmest days actually for our forecast. snow is expected to pick back up around 4:00. calling for about 2-6 inches in denver. stay do you knowed for that
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>> it may not all come to night >> right. late friday night. >> tomorrow morning will be fun, right? fixings. >> have fun at the stock show >> a good one, we'll see you
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